Alucrom provides thermoplastic services as the surface treatment method at the paint shop in Gävle. Thermoplastic applies to lampposts and handrails. During corrosion tests, thermoplastic has proven to be a durable alternative in extreme weather conditions. Alucrom has carried out an independent corrosion test of thermoplastic at the Swedish Technical Research Institute (SP). The thermoplastic has been tested according to corrosivity class C5-M, the toughest classification found in corrosion testing today for steel structures placed in atmospheric corrosion.

During the test, thermoplastic panels were placed in a condensing cabinet where they were exposed to external influences, constant humidity and large temperature differences for over a thousand hours in total. All panels met the requirements with regard to cracking, rust, blistering and flaking. In combination with hot dip galvanizing, thermoplastic is the absolute best option for a long life cycle.

Previously, thermoplastic has been used on lighting masts in Sweden. But with Alucrom’s solution, the door is opened for innovative future solutions in new areas. In addition to longer life, the method also means the opportunity to create more beautiful public environment. The method means that from now on you can add the same color to the railings as to the main structure on a bridge.

Thermoplastic softens during melting without breaking down the chemical structure and can be melted and reworked into new products an unlimited number of times. Thermoplastic is thus perfect for plastic recycling. The method provides superior protection compared to wet painting in terms of abrasion and chemical resistance as well as impact resistance and UV resistance. We use for instance Plascoat PPA method.

Thermoplastic coating is a method where you heat (thermo) a plastic powder on the metal in order to obtain a long-lasting and environmentally friendly corrosion protection. The process takes place thermally, without any solvents and thus does not affect the external environment. Our thermoplastic system “MM ThermoCoat” complies with corrosivity class C5-M according to ISO-12944. Independent test reports from accredited test institutes for application on blasted steel and on hot-dip galvanized steel are available.

Very good adhesion to the underlying metal, without the use of primer

Very good weather and UV resistance

Good chemical resistance in both acidic and alkaline environments

Very good flexibility even at low temperatures and high impact resistance

High abrasion resistance and electrical impact resistance

Minimal underrush in case of mechanical damage

Applied in a layer between 300-700 µm in different colors

Easy to repair (repair instructions are available) and graffiti removal

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