Fire protection painting

Alucrom offers fire protection painting of steel structures both for so-called “Cellulosic fire” facilities (residential buildings, sports arenas, shopping centers) and so-called “Hydrocarbon fire” facilities (refineries, petrochemicals, oil depots). Our surface treatment professionals are certified and approved for fire protection painting of passive epoxy-based fire protection for facilities of oil, gas or chemicals. Alucrom is also certified by “Chartek Fireproofing” and “Jotachar Fireproofing”. These two fire protection materials are approved by Lloyds, DNV and ABS and meet the requirements of NORSOK M-501 and ANSI / UL 1709. ANSI / UL 1709 is the test method described by the American Petroleum Institute in their standard API 2218 (Fireproofing Practices in Petroleum & Petrochemical Processing Plants).

Fire protection painting guarantees the safety of the products we paint and minimizes damage to buildings and infrastructure. Fire protection painting of beams, frames and other steel structures is usually done in corrosivity class C1-C4.

We provide fire protection painting services both in our paint shops, on-site at our customers’ facilities or out in the field.

We provide fire protection painting here: