Wet blasting

Alucrom provides wet blasting services as a complement to traditional sand blasting. Wet blasting is an environmentally friendly alternative where only water is used under high pressure.

Wet blasting is especially needed when there is a risk of fire or explosion, or where dust from traditional blasting can cause a problem. The use of water blasting presupposes that the surface has previously been blasted in the traditional way, as water alone cannot give a surface profile in the steel.

The advantage is that no sparking occurs during the wet blasting process. The surface has to be clean from grease, paint, chlorides, dirt and salt. This especially applies for heavily corroded steel. The wet blasting process provides a long service life for the painting system. Water blasting is suitable for steel surfaces such as car parts, roofs with metal and surfaces with a rough coating. Water blasting is performed from 68 bar to 1700 bar.

Wet blasting provides a long service life for the painting system. Wet blasting is also an environmentally friendly method as the amount of waste after pre-treatment can be drastically reduced.

<68 bar = Low pressure washing

68-680 bar = High pressure washing

680-1700 bar = Wet blasting

> 1700 bar = Ultra High Pressure Wet Blasting

Magnesium based light metals

Wet blasting is provided here: