Paiting The Hisings Bridge

The new Hisingsbron will be main link between Gothenburg and Hisingen. The bridge will replace the existing Götaälv Bridge next year, a total of approx. 32,000 sqm of steel to be surface treated by Midroc Alucrom.

Next year, the new Hisings Bridge will be ready, until then, group of Alucrom employees are working to repair the damage that has occurred during transport and assembly of the steel sections from Spain. When the bridge will be placed, the welds must also be painted and a fifth last coat of paint will by applied over the entire bridge.

– Bridge will have five layers of paint with a total thickness of 320 µm. The coating will meet corrosivity class C5-M and Coating is estimated to last 40 years before total repainting becomes necessary. We use a well-proven paint system that has been in use for the past 20 years, says Thomas Johansson, Alucrom’s business area contracting manager.

Alucrom uses a zinc-rich primer in the first stage of painting, followed by epoxy paint and polyurethane surface finish. The joints of the elements will be covered with tents to ensure the best possible conditions for welding and painting. This means that painting works can be performed even in unfavorable weather. In the final painting process, we will use lifts on the parts where the bridge is over solid ground. The parts where the river flows below, there will be brackets in the bridge construction, where we will be able to mount a hanging scaffold. During the final painting process, the bridge will be covered.

-Alucrome prioritises quality, even if the installation of the bridge cover is not necessary, we do this to ensure that cars and buildings nearby to not be stained by paint, Thomas concludes.

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