Dębska Wola

Paintshop in Dębska Wola near Kielce provides wet painting services of welded steel structures for the construction industry, energy and heavy vehicles. During painting works, we use advanced corrosion protection technologies with the use of high-class paint systems.

Paintshop in Dębska Wola also carries out a comprehensive process of surface preparation in the field of sandblasting, filling, washing and degreasing.

At the client’s request, we are able to organize services accompanying painting, such as: specialized packaging, sub-assembly or direct shipments to end customers.

The high quality of the processes carried out at this paintshop is confirmed by the ISO 9001 certificate, and our care for the environment is ISO 14001 certified.

Dębska Wola/Kielce

Dębska Wola ul. Pińczowska 25, 26-026 Morawica, Poland

+48 538 242 539

Technical data

Blasting box: 14 x 3,8 x 3,8 m

Painting box: 12 x 3,6 x 3,8 m

Crane traverse: 10 t

Oven up to 80 °C