Our facility in Jordbro applies Procoat with approved equipment and trained personnel. Procoat is a solvent-free rubber coating that protects steel and concrete against corrosion, abrasion and other impact while the coating acts as sound insulation against electricity.

The product is approved by the Swedish Transport Administration for application on bridges, but is also used on for example train undercarriages, ship buoys and buried structures such as district heating valves. In Jordbro, we provide spray metallization treatment services with aluminium and zinc, as well as hot-dip galvanizing. We offer unloading and loading as well as transport services.


Alucrom Jordbro

Dryckesvägen 1

+46 10 470 73 46

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Technical data

Blaster hall: 30 x 10,4 m

Painting hall: 60 x 10,4 m

Lifting capacity: 25 t

Gates: H 3,8 W: 6,5 m