Janów Lubelski

Paintshop in Janów Lubelski provides surface treatment services adapted to steel and aluminum products, based on painting and varnish materials from world-class suppliers. The plant specializes in applying anti-corrosion coatings by wet painting.

Paintshop in Janów Lubelski provides surface preparation services by washing and shot blasting. Both of these processes take place in specialized booths. Shot blasting is carried out with both steel shot and non-ferrous metals, such as corundum.

We implement projects for the railway, construction, construction, offshore and heavy equipment industries. The high quality of the processes carried out in this location is confirmed by both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

Lubelska 46, 23-300 Janów Lubelski, Poland

+48 538 242 539

Technical data:

Blasting box: 12 x 3 ,5 x 3,5 m

Painting box: 10 x 3,5 x 3.5 m

2 traverse cranes 5 & 6 t