The Alucrom’s surface treatment shop in Hässleholm provides services such as blasting, anti-corrosion painting, and relaxation annealing. We have two blasting halls that are fourteen and twelve meters long, seven meters wide and approximately five meters high. Here is also one of Southern Sweden’s largest kilns. There are 2 drying kilns where we use our convoyers to unload and load objects.

Alucrom Hässleholm

Hammarvägen 3

+46 10 470 73 80

Contact us

Robin OlsenAvdelningschef010-470 73 80

Technical data

Blaster hall 1: 14 x 7 m

Blaster hall 2: 14 x 7 m

Painting hall: 60 x 10 m

Traverse blaster/painting : 6,3 t

Convoyer track: 100 kg/m (96 hooks)

Convoyer track: 78 wagons, 100 kg/wagon