We provide painting services at the surface treatment shop in Hammarby, but we also offer all types of crash damage repairs in metal, plastic, fiberglass and aluminium.  We provide foiling and glass work in connection with vehicle repairs in Hammarby. We are approved by all insurance companies and the facility is specially adapted for painting heavy vehicles.

Alucrom Hammarby

Garagevägen 19C (MTR)

+46 10 470 73 18

Contact us

Glenn SvanbergAvdelningschef010-470 73 18

Technical data

Washing hall for heavt vehicles

Grind box: 5,5 x 23 m

Painting box 1,2,: 5,5 x 23 m

Painting box 3,4,5: smaller boxes for detail painting

Dryer: Oven 180 degrees